Month: November 2013

Dr. Jui-Lien “Lillian” Chou: Cancer Survivor Brings Cutting-Edge Technology to San Antonio

When Marisela Villareal, 46, discovered a lump in her breast in 2010, she lost no time getting to a doctor. Several members of her family had died of cancer, including her mother and two brothers. She was relieved to hear that her lump was benign, but a year later it was still there and causing pain. After a mammogram, the radiologist told her he had seen “something” and wanted her to have a sonogram as well. But her regular doctor didn’t seem to be concerned. He said cancer didn’t hurt. “The same thing happened this year,” she notes. “If...

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Nonprofit CEOs: Doing What They Love and Loving What They Do

Ministering to gang members. Taking in children who have been physically, sexually or emotionally abused. Leveling the playing field for children born into extreme poverty. These are just a few of the responsibilities and challenges faced by nonprofit CEOs Angie Mock and Gloria Kelly and Major Tracey Czajkowski, Salvation Army associate area commander. These three women spend their days fighting to create a positive impact in situations where many others have thrown in the towel. Why do they do it? Because they all share a passion that takes their roles in their respective organizations from simply “occupation” to “way...

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Lindsey Roznovsky: A Multifacedted Talent

Not just because she’s a dancer, Lindsey Roznovsky knows when and how to move on, away or upward. Just 30, she’s already been a national entertainment journalist, prosports cheerleader, dancer and director. Formerly based in Nashville, where she was simultaneously a CMT (Country Music Television) reporter and producer and a Tennessee Titans cheerleader, she’s now a public relations manager for Roger Christian & Co. and an entertainment consultant for Spurs Sports and Entertainment. Originally from Lake Jackson, Roznovsky didn’t grow up planning any one single career. “I’ve always set short-term goals,” she says. “What’s important to me is to...

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Guys To Know: Dr.Luis Galvan, DDS

When it comes to a healthy mouth, Dr. Luis Galvan has something to smile about. One of six highly specialized dentists at the New You Smile Center in San Antonio, Dr. Galvan spends his days changing peoples’ lives, one tooth at a time. Born, raised and educated in Mexico City, he first practiced general dentistry in Mexico, where he became interested in implant dentistry at the cusp of its inception. In 1995, he came to the United States to complete a residency in general dentistry and went on to earn his DDS degree from the University of Texas Health...

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Building a Business in Boerne

Just a short trip up Interstate 10 can transport you from the urban jungle of downtown San Antonio to the Texas Hill Country charm of Boerne. Settled by German immigrants more than 150 years ago, Boerne has a heritage that is reflected in everything from the shops and restaurants that line the quaint main street to the more than 140 historic structures that grace the cityscape. But don’t let the old-fashioned, small-town feel of this unique city fool you. Alongside the antique dealers and specialty shops are trendy boutiques, fashionable cafes, urban coffee bars and hip wineries. There is...

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