Month: November 2012

A Decade at the Helm

For founding editor Beverly Purcell-Guerra, the 10th anniversary of SAN ANTONIO WOMAN is a deeply gratifying experience.”That we are still publishing after 10 years gives me a wonderful sense of accomplishment and satisfaction,” she says. “We have been able to cover so many aspects of the community and to help a lot of women understand other women’s lives and issues of importance. I am fortunate to have been involved with this magazine from the start.” That start was sudden and swift. A former editor for several San Antonio Express-News publications, Purcell-Guerra was serving as a volunteer advisory board member...

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10 Years of San Antonio Woman

Our Premier Issue NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2002 SARAH LUCERO NEWS ANCHOR, KENS TV In the 10 years since we featured her on the cover of SAN ANTONIO WOMAN’s first issue, the pretty KENS TV anchorwoman became a mother for the third time, and, she says, she’s come more into her own as a woman, a professional and a mother. “You learn a lot as you get older,” she notes. One important thing she’s learned is to appreciate family and friends who have supported her through the years. “So many people help you to be who you are, and it takes some...

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Secrets of their Success

If you’ve ever wanted tolaunch your own business, it’s agood idea to talk to other successful businesswomen to learn how they got started. How can you figure out what you want to do and then do it all on your own? How does someone take a dream and make it pay? How can a favorite subject in school or something done in everyday life inspire a whole new career? For answers, we turned to three local entrepreneurs to learn the secret of their success. Sharlene Thum President and co-owner, Five Star Wedding Gown Specialists President and co-owner, Five Star...

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A Conductor & A Lady

interviewed for the job of assistant conductor with the San Antonio Symphony last fall, Akiko Fujimoto was asked to deliver the same lecture twice, once with an adult audience in mind and the second time as if she were speaking to children. This was important because her duties include delivering educational talks to both grown-ups and kids. “The lectures are informal,” she explains. “Sometimes the guest artist joins me, and we talk about the music and the composer, but I also talk about the orchestra, give people insight into the rehearsal process, relate an anecdote, tell them about the...

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Golden Wok

The dim sum tradition, ancient in China, is almost absent in San Antonio. True, potstickers seem to have propagated throughout Asian restaurants of every stripe, and spring rolls are everywhere you turn. But the full, clangorous service with steaming carts bustling their way through dining rooms crowded with extended families? One place only: Golden Wok. It’s a cultural experience not to be missed. Not that it isn’t a culinary experience, for dim sum is surely that. But even the literal translation, “touch the heart,” is inadequate; dim sum at its best is full-body: It involves all the senses with...

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