Month: September 2012

From Hollywood with Love

Returning to the United States from abroad a year or so ago, Elizabeth Chambers stopped in San Antonio to visit relatives and friends. While here, she had a yearning for something sweet and delicious like a really nice homemade cupcake. But there were none to be found, at least none that met her standards of deliciousness. That sparked an idea in the mind of the Los Angeles-based TV journalist/actress/model, who also happens to be an avid baker. “I’ve always loved to bake,” says the super-slim, pretty Chambers, who is obviously not consuming too many cupcakes. “I used to bake...

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Creating San Antonio’s “Front Porch”

As a newly-minted urban planner, I’ve had the honor of serving as a volunteer for Hemisfair since June of 2011. Because it rests so deeply in my heart, I think about it daily and never tire of telling its extraordinary story. We imagine Hemisfair to be the city’s “front porch” — a welcoming place of entry, in which to relax and reconnect with neighbors. While these dreams may be big, so are the efforts behind it. And while plans, vision and development are an important part of any major project, among the most important and magical components of Hemisfair...

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She’s a Survivor

It takes a lot of careful planning and energy for Gloria Rivera Rodriguez to handle a full-time job with irregular hours, a separate small business and frequent public-speaking dates, but she’s grateful for every crowded day. As community-relations coordinator of the San Antonio River Authority (SARA) — a state tax-collecting entity with involvement in river improvements projects — she works in a Southtownheadquarters building with access to the river. Asked if its atrium view reminds her to go with the flow, she laughs and says, “It should, but it’s always been my nature to sweat the small stuff.” Memories...

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Busting 17 Breast Cancer Myths

Between your mother, friends, TV and the Internet, there are numerous ways misinformation gets passed along. Getting a faulty cookie recipe from the grapevine is one thing, but where your health is concerned, it’s better to get information from a trusted source like the American Cancer Society or your doctor. Such is the case with breast cancer, the second leading cause of cancer death in women, exceeded only by lung cancer. Myths abound about breast cancer. It’s time to dispel them. Myth: Your risk of getting breast cancer is one in eight. Reality: A woman’s chance of being diagnosed...

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Accessible Elegance in Terrell Hills

There’s something different about the houses in Terrell Hills, something elusive. These older homes along tree-lined streets have a sense of quiet wisdom. Once shiny and new, they are now graceful elder statesmen in an era of cookie-cutter homes on postage stamp lots. Along one Terrell Hills boulevard is a Mediterranean-style home set deep in its fenced yard behind an elegant wrought-iron fence and gates. Heavy wooden front doors with glass inserts and decorative ironwork are flanked by tall niches containing large urns filled with tropical plants. Beyond these doors lies a 5,500-square-foot home filled with marvelous art and...

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