Month: March 2012

Following her Heart: Mary Alice Cisneros blends private and public roles

When Henry and Mary Alice Cisneros returned to San Antonio in 2000, they made an unusual but fateful choice. Despite their fame and new fortune, they decided to settle down in their old West Side neighborhood where both had grown up. Nobody would have blamed them had they moved into The Dominion or another exclusive enclave, but true to their hearts, they chose to make their home in the community they have tried to help since Henry’s days as city councilman and mayor. The day I arrive to interview Mary Alice, their airy, sunny home surrounded by a white...

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Sports Stars: Meet three athletic women who excel in their fields

In today’s fast-paced world, it isn’t uncommon to see women in highly competitive jobs working hard to achieve goals, moving up the corporate ladder into positions of great responsibility, accomplishing important things and garnering the respect of their peers. For women in sports, it seems, it’s no different. The three athletes highlighted in this article are not only physically fit, they have made their sport a priority in their lives and have committed themselves to attaining a level of competency and achievement that few others can claim. Their ages cross three decades, proving that mental toughness, physical fitness and...

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You Can Drive My Car

In the market for a new car? These days the stereotypical sleazy used car salesman isn’t the guy you’ll meet at most area dealerships. In fact, here in San Antonio, you may not meet a man at all when shopping for a car, for these days women are fast becoming the most popular and highly successful car sales professionals in the business, often out-selling their male counterparts. Today’s San Antonio automobile showrooms and their sales teams are class acts, with exciting technology and design-oriented, state-of-the-art vehicles that set the bar high for excellence and innovation. That’s why those in...

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Stonewerks: New location, enticing menu attract crowds

One might not think that a move of, oh, a half a mile or so might make much of a difference to an already established restaurant. But a bigger space and a degree of enhanced visibility seem to have been just what Stone Werks needed; on two occasions the restaurant’s latest outlet at Basse and Broadway in the Shops at Lincoln Heights was jumpin’— and just loud enough if you happen to be an oldies fan. There were a few silver-haired sorts in the crowd, too, suggesting that the audience for artichoke dip, Kobe burgers and 14 Karat Cake...

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A Woman of Many Interests

One thing that strikes you upon walking into Veronica Prida’s studio is the abundance of vivid colors. From the chair that you are invited to take to the blingy dresses in various stages of completion lying on work tables, it’s a place that proclaims the power of bright hues. And almost everything reflects the taste of its owner, who designs those multicolored chairs and chooses the materials for the glittering dresses that will be worn by Fiesta nobility. Prida and her crew of four help make the elaborate outfits for the participants in the Order of the Alamo coronation....

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