Month: September 2010

The Accidental San Antonian: Elisa Chan

Although Elisa Chan’s roots are half a world away, she’s not surprised to be representing her adopted city as a member of City Council. “San Antonio is this special place to me,” she says. “Everything important in my life has happened here: I met my husband here, we started our business here, and our daughter was born here.” San Antonio “must have been my destiny,” she says, smiling, “because I am here by accident.” When Chan left her native Taiwan in 1988 after graduating from Beijing University of Technology with a degree in computer software engineering, her first stop...

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Women in Real Estate: From starter homes to high-end estates

It may not come as a surprise to those of us who live in and love Texas and the Alamo City, but the CNBC television cable network recently ranked Texas as one of the best states for business in America, and RelocateAmerica.Com named San Antonio as No. 5 in both its lists of “Top 100 Places to Live for 2010” and “Top 10 Recovery Cities in America.” What does all this mean for the Alamo City? Well, it certainly gives us more than just bragging rights — it says the word is spreading nationwide that San Antonio is on...

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Building Houses and a Career: Valerie Hendricks

On a hot, sunny Saturday morning, Valerie Hendricks is at work —outside in a residential neighborhood near Palo Alto College, shuttling between two home sites, one nearly complete and one still at the framing stage. Like most houses in the immediate area, these two new ones are being built under the auspices of Habitat for Humanity, for which Hendricks works as a house leader. Her work wardrobe includes a baseball cap, a T-shirt with sleeves rolled up to the shoulders and a pair of khaki shorts. At one of the two projects she’s currently responsible for, she’s going over...

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Women With a Cause: They tell how life-changing events and beliefs inspire them to serve

According to the website Volunteering in America, 21 percent of San Antonio residents volunteer their time for a cause that matters to them. Annually, each resident gives an average of 32 hours, and collectively, San Antonio contributes about $1 billion of service. Before we pat ourselves on the back, however, SA ranks only 46th out of the top 50 cities. How can we get more involved? Three San Antonio women have made a cause close to their hearts into their life’s work. Carolyn Becker works to prevent the epidemic of disordered eating, especially among college women. Becky Rowland turned...

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Bluffview Home Was Worth the Wait: Couple had eyes on cliffside Italian palace for years

American aphorist Mason Cooley wrote, “Irony regards every simple truth as a challenge.” For Lang Glotfelty, the simple truth was that he wanted a house in Bluffview that he couldn’t have. Someone else was living in it. So he bought another house in the neighborhood, established himself and went on with his life. He married Judy, and they stayed busy building a life together. But always, the thought of owning that beautiful white stucco Italian palace at the end of the cul-de-sac stayed in the back of his mind. “We were very happy in our other house,” Lang says,...

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