Month: September 2009

The Subway Queen: Cathy Amato

San Antonians may be unfamiliar with Ruby Tuesday restaurants, but thanks to Cathy Amato and her partners, the brand may soon become a household name. The first local incarnation is already up and running on the corner of 281 and Evans Road, pleasantly perched above street tumult in a not yet fully developed shopping area. On the last day of July, Amato and I met for lunch there to sample the food and talk about her newest business venture. Like most people around here, she, too, knew close to nothing about the Ruby Tuesday chain until her husband showed...

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A Taste Of Greatness: Entrepreneurs add flavor to San Antonio

Every woman has one — that single recipe that she won’t divulge simply because it is her signature dish. It could be that wonderful guacamole she brings to every gathering, the decadent brownies she totes to every school bake sale or the candy that she hand delivers to the neighbors during the holidays. It’s the food that her friends not only beg her to make but even encourage her to sell. The following four women heeded that advice and made their treats available to the masses. From farmer’s markets to grocery shelves, these women have met with encouraging success...

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What Recession? Business owners thrive in a down economy

We’ve all seen the headlines that scream “Economic Crisis” and “Recession.” We read about declining housing markets, broken health care systems and small business owners being driven to close up shop. It isn’t a pretty picture. But while it’s true that we are living in an uncertain economy, the outlook isn’t all gloom and doom. Take these three risk-taking entrepreneurs who have built successful businesses from the ground up. It wasn’t always easy, but rather than react impulsively to changes in the economic climate, these women have all taken proactive measures to weather the storm. As a result, their...

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Growing Your Business Through Collaboration

Collaborating with other entrepreneurs can be the key to growing your business when you are the sole owner, have a small staff or have limited networking capabilities. Implementing strategies with other entrepreneurs to increase your bottom line can be done through effective collaborations. This could be a verbal agreement between you and another company to offer a complimentary service to one another or partnering to purchase a booth at a trade show to cut down costs. Collaborating to Create Referrals Many female business owners find collaborating with other entrepreneurs is critical to growth. Shana M. Prichard of San Antonio-based...

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An Advocate For Science: UTSA doctoral student hopes to attract youth to careers in research

Though she now spends eight-hour days in a chemistry laboratory, UTSA doctoral student Magaly Salinas didn’t grow up on the science-fair circuit. The first time she presented a poster at a conference was during her undergraduate years at the University of Texas — Pan American in Edinburg. As for elementary- or middle-school science, “I don’t even remember if I liked it or not,” she says, smiling and shaking her head. Always a good student while growing up in McAllen, Salinas was accepted into the South Texas High School for Health Professionals, a magnet school that was the only one...

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