Month: May 2008

No Limits : Marta Peláez

As a teenager, Marta Prada Peláez found herself in foreign territory. Leaving her family”s home in bustling Bogotá, Colombia, she was to continue her education under the careful watch of nuns at a convent school off the map in a tiny Minnesota town not far from the Canadian border. Culture shock was something of an understatement for the 15-year-old, who struggled to adapt, but the experience also set the foundation for her ideas on life, family and work. “That experience was my first confirmation that there are no limits to what a person can do,” Peláez says. It”s a...

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Designing Women: They have the resources and creativity to turn simple sketches into a dream home

Your home is a reflection of who you are. It is the place where you live, love and laugh. It is the epicenter of your family; the place where secrets are shared, problems solved and memories made. It is the haven to which you retreat at the end of the day to escape from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. Creating such an intimate and personal environment requires commitment, dedication and lots of patience. Often homeowners lack the time to devote to such a large project or the skills to transform ideas into realities. Interior designers have...

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When Mom is the Boss: Mothers and daughters who work together develop close, supportive relationships

BEST FRIENDS On the walls of Jennifer Shemwell’s sunny office at the Phyllis Browning Company hang multiple plaques naming her as one of the top 50 Realtors in San Antonio. These badges of honor are given annually by the San Antonio Business Journal, and she has received one every year since 1997 except in 2000. Every real estate agent would be proud of such a record, but for Jennifer this recognition means even more. Since her boss was her own mother, she knew fromthe start thatmuch was expected from her. “I knew all along that I had to prove...

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Art Advocates Extraordinaire

The Artist Foundation (AF) of San Antonio may be barely three years old, but it has already attracted an impressive following. In February, at its second annual fundraising event, dubbed the ArtBall, some 500 dressed-up partygoers descended on Municipal Auditorium to eat, applaud and spend money, all to show their support for the not-so-fledgling organization. Mayor Phil Hardberger and his wife, Linda, were there, as were the former and current city managers, arts organizations honchos and other prominent personalities. In fact, Linda Hardberger is the honorary chair of the foundation’s board, while the former city manager, Terry Brechtel, serves...

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Ruth’s Chris: Beef reigns here, but crabmeat and veal are exemplary

first thing that hits one at Ruth’s Chris (after dealing with the valet parking) is the aroma: It’s all beef and butter, and it’s fantastic. Sensory evaluation number two: the noise level— It’s the comforting buzz of a well-oiled machine, just loud enough to convey hospitality, not so loud as to make carrying on a conversation across the table a chore. Oh, maybe the lighting level verges on being too low, but that’s really only a concern at ordering time. And the service is perfectly calibrated. Our very young waitress had a deft hand with wine pouring (meaning she...

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