Month: September 2005

The TV Host: Who turns into a taxi

Five mornings a week she is the anchor of the News 4 WOAI Today show and host of the station’s San Antonio Living, this city’s No. 1 lifestyle program for women. “Then, in the afternoons, I turn into a taxi,” she jokes. That’s when she becomes just “Mommy” to her two daughters: Tabitha, 5, and Bailey, who recently turned 9. After she leaves work, Jones picks up the kids and they make the rounds, keeping up with family activities, including Bailey’s karate and dance class schedules and her Girl Scout meetings. They shop for groceries and the myriad of...

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Taking the Reigns: Bar association presidents embody the “how” and “why” of leading professional associations

Everyone, it seems, has an opinion of lawyers, and too often it is disapproving. Stand aside for five women who are in positions to shatter any negative perceptions. All five of the main San Antonio bar associations have women as presidents now for the second year in a row. This year’s five are making their mark in the community. In fact, if you had guessed that lawyers get together and just talk about law, you would have missed the influence bar associations have in San Antonio. “A bar association is an avenue for helping in the community,” says Mary...

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Folklore and A Lot More: Belinda Menchaca

On most nights, Belinda Menchaca can be found in the dance studio at the Institute of Mexico, where she conducts rehearsals of the Guadalupe Dance Company. It’s a handsome space, with the right kind of floor, mirrored walls and a lot of room for dancers to practice their moves. Even though the company — as its name implies — is based at the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center (GCAC), the Institute makes its facilities available free of charge. It works well for everybody. On this particular night in June, Menchaca finishes teaching a flamenco class to a mixed-age group of...

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Record Time: A singer since childhood, Rebecca Valadez

Rebecca Valadez inspects her freshly manicured, pale-pink fingernails with a frown. “My mom said I had to get them done,” she says. “This is just going to chip off when I play the guitar.” It’s just one of many contradictions in her career, which she’s talking about in a North Side coffeehouse, days before leaving for California. There, she’ll be looking for work as a glamorous pop singer — backing up a big star, fronting for a band, or (best case) as a solo recording artist. She’s done all three and more. Valadez is also a songwriter, working out...

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Beauty with History: Alamo Heights home weathers the decades with grace and charm

One of Letty Lew Lloyd’s heart’s desires was realized more than two decades ago when the historic Alamo Heights home she had long admired went up for sale. “I told my husband that I had to have that house,” she recalls. With an impish smile and enthusiastic lilt in her voice she elaborates. “He said, “no’, and I said, “Oh yes, I do.'” Indeed, she and her orthodontist husband, David, purchased the home 23 years ago and moved in with their two sons, David and Christian, both now grown. The architecture is Georgian, the English style popular during the...

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