Month: May 2004

Creature Comforter: Veterinarian Missy Bruce says pets “make people better”

It not that Missy Bruce, D.V.M., is one of those fanatics who think their pets are people. She just wants the humans in her life to understand that animals occupy a special place in her heart and sometimes elsewhere. When she and her husband Carlos went on their first date, she remembers, I told him, There is something we better get straight right now. My dog sleeps in my bed. If you don’t like that, we have a problem. Apparently he learned to live with it, because when they got married in 2000, one of her dogs attended the...

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Life in the Spotlight: Actresses talk about the acting life in San Antonio

There’s no business like show business, says the famous song, and few devotees would disagree. The hours are bad, the money scarce and the competition tough, but the thrill of being in the spotlight overshadows everything else. Thanks to many talented folks who feel this way, local stages are alive year-round with musicals, comedies, drama, performance art and just about everything else that can be put on stage. ArtBeat decided to talk to three San Antonio actresses about their careers in the Alamo City and the acting life in general. Although they have followed different paths, the three have...

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Retiring in Style: Warm colors, classic furnishings enhance condominium

If I wake up in the morning and see wonderful color, I know I am going to have a good day,” declares the owner of a recently renovated condominium in an elegant near-urban high-rise residential building. A tour of her contemporary home confirms that spectacular color is integral to her décor and to her lifestyle.    “My major color is orange, along with varying shades of orange,” she explains. “It is not a color that everyone would choose, but most people react well to it.” Orange has been her choice since she built her first home 40 years ago. It...

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Taking Care of Business

For millions, self-employment is a part of the American dream. The satisfaction of being your own boss, answering to no one and forging your own path in the world, is reminiscent of the independent spirit that has marked American life since the country was new. As modern-day pioneers, small business owners put their dreams on the line for a chance to do business their way. Entrepreneurs, tradespeople and other professionals, their numbers are impressive. As many as 22.9 million small-sized enterprises were open for business in 2002, the most recent year reported by the Small Business Administration’s Office of...

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Introducing Yoga

Your mother always taught you that real beauty comes from the inside. It turns out she was right — in more ways than even she knew. While mom clearly meant the inner person, the inner person can actually have an impact on physical appearance. Good health, a balanced life, what you eat, and a positive outlook can make you look better. You know it when you see it. You see someone who is not beautiful by the classic definitions, but something about her is just captivatingly attractive. It’s a vibrancy, an energy, a serenity. That’s what yoga is all...

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