Building their own Businesses:

Shirley Crandall

These businesswomen met a need and found success SHIRLEY CRANDALL Growing aggravation. A plan. Then full speed ahead. That sums up how Shirley Crandall started Crandall & Associates, Inc. in 1987, by herself. “I had worked for an insurance company for four years. They kept taking little pieces of my money away,” she explains. “I […]

Party Time: Caterers bring the expertise

Arturo and Sandy Cerna

Caterers bring expertise as well as food to the table It’s an ordinary Thursday in September, but inside the spacious offices of UBS Financial Services there is a party in full swing. Formerly known as PaineWebber, the company is celebrating its reopening as a branch of the United Bank of Switzerland conglomerate. About 150 clients, […]

Organized Principal: School administrator Peggy Clemons

Peggy in hall 88DS4508

understanding the power of balance Peggy Clemons has been in middle school for at least 11 years — longer, if you count her own junior-high years in Alabama. To those whose early adolescence is a thankfully repressed memory, that sounds like an extreme recurring nightmare. Not so, says Clemons. Middle-schoolers — braces, hormones, self-inked tattoos […]

A life Filled with Riches: Karen Norman

Karen Norman SA Woman Pose

Volunteers Fulltime for Children and Cancer Patients That country is the richest which nourishes the greatest number of noble and happy human beings; that man is richest who, having perfected the functions of his own life to the utmost, has also the widest helpful influence, both personal, and by means of his possessions, over the […]

Healthy Holiday Eating Strategies: Martyrdom Is Not Required


Common Sense, Not Martyrdom, Will Help You Survive When I saw the Halloween candy piled waist high at my HEB, I knew the end was near. I consciously drew my navel to my spine and threw my shoulders back to brace myself for the holiday onslaught. Halloween is just a teaser for what’s to come. […]