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The crowds of a spring and summer evening on the River Walk can be daunting; there often seems to be no real goal in mind but the being there, the participation in the surge, the feeling of being an extra in a scene directed by an unseen hand. I have to admit that being a […]

The Gift of A Parent

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My mentor in psychology, Dr. Will Kouw, frequently talked about a parenting chute, the idea being that we put the infant in one end and s/he exits a responsible adult. The job of the parent is to provide the outer limits (of the chute) to keep the child safe while he has room within the […]

The Fine Art of Delegation

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Whether you’re a business owner or you’re in a leadership position in a company, delegation is an essential skill to master. But why? First, it’s going to be essential for your own time management to be able to delegate tasks to others. In your role, you’re just going to get busier. You need to concentrate […]

‘Tis the Season for Swimsuits and Shorts

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Oh oh. Swimsuit season is upon us. Some of us shy away or absolutely refuse to go out in public wearing shorts, short skirts or the dreaded sunbathing attire. Among other body parts, legs play a major role in this dilemma. And it is a dilemma — it gets hot in San Antonio. So what […]