Old World Elegance: Warmth, openness distinguish Hill Country home

When Olga and Ramsey Meredith began construction two years ago on their canyon vista home at the periphery of the Texas Hill Country, their desire was that the house be nestled within a “park-like” setting. They met that objective and then some. “What we were going for,” says Ramsey, “was to create a warm and […]

Your Will, Your Way: A will gives you control over your life and beyond

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Ben Franklin said it just about right: “… in this world nothing is certain but death and taxes.” But there is strong evidence that many Americans may be ignoring the obvious. Certainly, most people appreciate the inevitability of taxes — quick to pay attention to an outstanding tax bill or a way to minimize their […]

Blending Families: Good communication, mature behavior are essential


With divorce and remarriage continuing to increase, some people predict that by the year 2007, blended families will outnumber nuclear families. Living successfully, meeting that “deepest hunger need” in such a family requires a complex set of communication skills and mature behavior. It can be a daunting task.The issues include (and certainly are not limited […]

Calcium Power: Calcium plays key role in overall good health

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Oh, no — not another preachy article on calcium and osteoporosis prevention! Start the blah, blah here. Nod your head and vow to pick up some supplements at the store, maybe force down a glass of milk. Make a mental note: strong bones are good. Now you can move onto the fashion section without guilt. […]

Dazzle ‘Em with A Gorgeous Smile

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“Smile!” It’s a dreaded command for many of us each time someone picks up a camera. Sure, I know the rhetoric … everyone looks better with a smile, but that really depends on your perspective. A smile communicates warmth, friendliness, love and acceptance. It transcends all languages. And when you don’t speak the language, you […]