Beyond the Balance Sheet: Banking careers yield high interest


A job in banking comes with a lot of stereotypes. Think of the stuffy seriousness of pin-striped suits or loan officers maintaining that desk-width distance as the crinkle of paper intrudes upon the quiet dignity of the conservative surroundings. It might surprise some, then, that banking — while serious business — is neither stuffy nor […]

Grey Moss Inn: Dine in a romantic rural setting


It was a benign and balmy night. To the west, trees sheltering the patio at Grey Moss Inn limned ink-brush forms against the fast-fading light. To the east, a full-bellied moon rose almost reluctantly in a dusky dome. Nearby, trumpet-shaped blossoms of melon-hued datura broadcast their perfume into lambent air already scented with hints of […]

A Perfect Balance: Familys home is both elegant and livable


Were it not for the Winston Churchill Charger varsity golf placard adjacent to the front door of Bianca and Jim Rhodes’ home, one could easily envision the elegant stone structure as a grand manor house languishing on a hillside in rural France. Adding to the illusion is the upward winding drive to the entrance courtyard, […]

An Artist and A Christian: Her murals adorn a church, a school and more


A lot of people volunteer in their church, but few can do what Shawn Bridges has done. A member of Trinity Baptist Church, Bridges has transformed the children’s ministry building into a pictorial Noah’s ark by painting hundreds of life-size animals all over the walls of the central rotunda and along the hallways leading to […]