Expert Advice for Looking Your Best During Cancer Treatment

San Antonio Woman asked Dermatologist Dr. Allison Messer what advice she has for someone going through cancer treatment. Here’s what she recommends:

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BEAUTY: Brush Care

      Brush Care   By Dora Vera     Hey, you! With this heat, I hope my tips in the past magazines have helped. In this issue, I wanted to discuss the importance of brush care, which includes shampooing and sanitizing between uses. Since you probably use your …

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So Your Teen Wants to Start Wearing Makeup?

    By Dora Vera @thelook.beautystudio   When your teen is becoming interested in wearing makeup, I would start by explaining that caring for her skin is the most important thing. Starting her off with an oil or cream cleanser, an alcohol-free toner, and a moisturizer will ensure she has …

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The Secrets of Aging: Discover How to Look and Feel Your Best

        The Secrets of Aging: Discover How to Look and Feel Your Best   By Dr. Bill MurphyPhotography by MarElly Medina     A young girl, a daughter, a mother…..All age one day at a time, one birthday after another, year after year, equally and fairly. The …

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Beauty: Staff Scents

Classics rule the list! Check out this lineup of the San Antonio Woman team’s all-time favorites. What’s your signature scent? Miriam: This classic is my favorite for years now. It’s a sultry oriental fragrance with a bright citrus side. The scents brings me back to my days at the fashion …

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