Brooklynn Chandler Willy: CEO & President TEXAS FINANCIAL ADVISORY

Brooklynn Chandler Willy

Brooklynn decided on a career in financial services after her dad died suddenly without any life insurance, even though, ironically, he was a life insurance salesman. As a result, she experienced firsthand the hardships such a situation can create and dedicated herself at that moment to helping others so that they wouldn’t have to deal with a similar predicament.

In 2008, that commitment led Brooklynn to establish Texas Financial Advisory, a boutique advisory firm that provides individuals and families with holistic financial planning advice – that goes beyond the numbers and focuses on the clients. The firm and its investment advisor representatives work closely with clients to define their financial goals and appropriate paths to get there; ways to efficiently manage taxes; how to pay for long term care if needed; and how existing investments may be optimized for their specific needs.

Following in the footsteps of her dad, Brooklynn and her firm also offer insurance products, which enhances their ability to help clients achieve their financial goals. Being able to offer a wide array of both investment products and insurance products has contributed to Texas Financial Advisory’s growth in assets and clients.

Today, the firm boasts a team of 7 professionals with 50+ years of combined experience. While their services are broad, their focus is narrow – providing holistic financial plans and comprehensive investment solutions to individuals and families with a minimum of $250,000 in assets or an annual household income of over $250,000.

Brooklynn and her team look forward to getting to know you and helping you achieve your financial goals.

Investment advisory services are offered by Queen B Advisors, LLC dba Texas Financial Advisory. Insurance products are offered by Texas Financial Advisory.


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