Robot Creative

1114 S. Saint Mary’s
Suite 200
San Antonio, Texas 78210

(210) 476-8801

Lara August, Owner


We are a small but powerful team of twelve, staffed very specifically for expertise in these areas. Robot has over 20 years of experience working with industries as varied as healthcare, non-profit, B2B services, and technology on both local and national digital campaigns.


Our clients tell us that our team is just plain smart. The tools for digital marketing, websites and social media are ever-evolving. It is our depth of knowledge and years of experience across a variety of tools and mediums that makes us different. We are tool and vendor-agnostic, with the goal to provide the best solution for each client’s specific needs.


We look for organizations with leadership teams that are as passionate and results-oriented about their business as we are about ours. When we can work collaboratively with engaged and committed clients, we have the right recipe for success.


Honesty and Transparency. We do not follow the traditional agency model with respect to purchased media and technology. We set up all advertising accounts in our client’s names, there is no markup and we provide complete transparency in our reporting. It keeps everyone results-focused and empowers our clients with full ownership of their own data.