Noisy Trumpet Digital & Public Relations

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Noisy Trumpet Digital & Public Relations

7500 West Interstate 10
Ste. 150
San Antonio, Texas 78229

(210) 582-0505

Fran Yanity, CEO

(pictured with the Noisy Trumpet Leadership Team)


Alongside a commitment to stay abreast of industry trends, Noisy Trumpet has strong experience in digital, web, social media and public relations. As an integrated agency, we give your brand a voice and activate the relevant platforms to tell your story.


We are driven by statistical insights, designed to elevate a brand as a leader across all marketing channels. Our understanding of business and the customer’s journey through the buying process allows us to be innovative in our approach as we increase brand awareness, credibility and drive new business for our clients.


One that speaks to their differences – things the average consumer might not expect – in a clear and concise way. Brands should embrace those differences because they can become opportunities for greater success.


We work to develop campaigns for our clients in which all marketing elements are synergistic. Content across all marketing channels must communicate the same message and work together to best resonate with the target audience in the strongest way possible. We are a unique blend of experienced industry veterans and the youthful, tech-savvy consumers of today. We deliver the best of both advertising worlds to craft unique campaigns that are seen, remembered and move a client’s business.



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