Anderson Marketing Group

7420 Blanco Road
Suite 200
San Antonio, TX 78216

(210) 223-6233

Kim Gresham, President/Owner


We excel in creating effective multi-layered marketing campaigns as well as developing comprehensive strategic plans for our clients. Our agency provides the full spectrum of marketing and advertising services in-house, including media research, planning and buying, creative services, interactive development, broadcast TV and audio development, and social media marketing.


Our tool kit contains one important, multi-purpose tool — our people. Each person on our staff brings unique talents and experiences. Some bring a wealth of strategic marketing experience developed by years of working at their craft, while others have an expertise in media planning driven by a passion for discovering the most efficient way to communicate a message to the right audience at the right time. And then there are those who bring their creative talents — skills that cannot be taught and are mostly innate in nature. These individuals have a knack for writing compelling copy, that persuade people to think a certain way or act upon the message, or those gifted with an artistic talent to deliver the message in a beautiful visual or thought-provoking graphic.


It comes down to one word. Trust. We create our best work when a client trusts in our team and the creative process. We look to solve that client’s problems in the most effective, yet creative way possible. This may result in moving out of their comfort zone, but in the end they feel fully invested in the process and the results.