Silo 1604 Doesn’t Disappoint

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dining room at Silo 1604 is one of the city’s most effective restaurant spaces, especially at dusk, when it’s possible to experience the change from light and transparent to inner-focused and dramatic. For all of its sleek surfaces, the place is also acoustically comfortable. All of this sets the stage for a sophisticated dining experience, […]

On the Road to Becoming an RN: Svetlana Descamps

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At Stone Oak Methodist Hospital, Svetlana Descamps isn’t a doctor, an administrator nor yet a registered nurse, but she’s a star. As she walks through the hospital’s corridors, giving a visitor a tour, staff in different departments smile when they see her approaching. “When are you coming back to work with us?” asks a nurse […]

Planning for Senior Living

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Of course, we must. Along with knowledge, experience and, hopefully, joy, for most of us aging brings with it certain changes in our health and/or mental capabilities. We can do some things to stave off or at least lessen these changes by exercising both the body and the mind. Be active. Be social. Be curious. […]

San Antonio women are “Stepping Out” in the face of diabetes diagnoses.

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Two years ago, Rosie Perez stared down the diabetes diagnosis many of us fear. But instead of backing down, Rosie took the bull by the horns and decided it was time to change her life. “In March 2009, prior to a surgical procedure, I was told that I was pre-diabetic. My father has had diabetes […]