New Life for A Monte Vista Beauty

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With a mischievous smile, Jennifer Day makes a tongue-in-cheek declaration, “The worst thing you can see outside your home is Phyllis Browning’s silver BMW.” She recalls the Realtor’s visit to her Monte Vista home and her pronouncement, “I think I can sell your house.” “It’s not for sale,” was the reply. However, Jennifer and husband, […]

How to get Testimonials” It can be as simple as a brief phone interview

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Though you may recoil when you think of those sleazy testimonials in the backs of tabloids, the fact is that a well-written, succinct professional testimonial on your Web site or other marketing materials is a positive attention- getter. Just ask any marketing guru. As a matter of fact, people like to know about your business […]

La Fritte Comes to Town


San Antonio’s A-list chefs and restaurateurs seem to have an itch these days; they aren’t at all content to stay put in the places that have given them fame and (we can always hope) fortune. Andrew Weissman dabbles in coffee and burgers; Jason Dady opens tapas-style emporia both here and in Dallas; Joe Cosniac takes […]

How to get the Sleep You Need

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Does your spouse seem to fall asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow while you ponder how you can avoid another night of restlessness? Insomnia visits many people throughout the year but seems especially prevalent during the holidays. There’s so much going on with work, family, holiday parties, shopping — you name it. […]