Breaking Up is (Financially) Hard to Do


Till death us do part. Wedding vows promise a lifetime of love and commitment. Fortunately many marriages do endure and thrive, but the complications of modern life rudely intrude on other unions, tearing at their fabric until they can no longer withstand the strain. With American marriages failing at a rate of about 50 percent […]

Red Nose of Courage: Allergy sufferers need more than blessings this winter


It’s easy to spot the veterans. They know the lingo and readily identify themselves by their attackers. “I’m a pollen and grass,” says one patient in the allergist’s waiting room. “Me too! Plus I’m a cat dander and mold,” shares another enthusiastically. In San Antonio, you don’t exchange astrological sign information. That’s so 1974. Instead, […]

Downsizing with Style Elegant finishes, intense colors dramatize townhouse

Jan and Roger Hill’s transition from a spacious Terrell Hills home to a smaller living space four years ago was not as difficult as one might imagine. First of all, three adult children were delighted to accept hand-me-down furnishings. “It was so nice to be able to give to them whatever we didn’t want, and […]