Linda Hummel Meets Challenges Head On

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Linda Hummel is a self-confessed overachiever with a rare talent for focusing completely and passionately on whatever she is involved in. As chief executive officer of the South Texas region of Humana Inc., she is responsible for the overall management and strategic planning for the largest health insurer in San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Laredo and […]

Reaching for the Top High-ranking women of corporate San Antonio

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Back in 1972, when Karen Jennings first joined what was then Southwestern Bell Telephone Company, she thought she would work for a few years, then probably quit to marry and have babies. And although she did all three at some point — quit, marry and have a son — she is today the senior executive […]

Blueprint for Success: Architect goes her own way to grow her own business

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You can hear Madeline Anz Slay coming down the hall. Office carpet can’t muffle the sound of a pair of determined heels in fast motion. “My husband says, ‘Madeline doesn’t walk, she marches,’” the 34-year-old architect says, as she swoops into a seat at the head of the table. Those heels have marched a pretty […]

Ready to Make Music Again: The Symphony has a new CEO, a new plan and new hope

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On April 19, U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Leif Clark approved the San Antonio Symphony’s reorganization plan, permitting the venerable but troubled organization to emerge from Chapter 11 and a year of silence and uncertainty. “Let’s go make music,” the judge said. Now the music is expected to resume this month, not exactly as before, but under […]