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Dining by Firelight

Discover Winter Romance: For at least eight months out of the year, many of us find ourselves wondering whether the witch from Lion, Witch, and The Wardrobe has cast a spell over us, but instead of perpetual winter, it feels like perpetual summer. And then the December holidays come and officially usher in our reprieve. We rush to put on sweaters, heat up hot chocolate, and, yes, sit by a fireplace. For those of us who grew up north of 1-10, we most likely enjoyed this ritual more often, but regardless of our place of origin, who doesn’t long...

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Hill Country Guide: Romantic Road Trip

5 Drive-To Destinations to Put the Thrill Back In Your Weekends. The thrill is gone. Not in your relationship — but in your boring date night and weekend routine. Maybe you’ve fallen into a rut: always frequenting the same restaurants and entertainment venues and forgetting that there’s a world of fun just a few miles down the road. It’s time to put romance back into your routine with a fun Hill Country road trip. Of course, romance means different things to different couples. For some, hiking and rock climbing together is exciting. For others, a Rockport fishing trip with...

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Travel: Romance Revisited

De-stress Your Valentine’s Day: Revisit one of these laid-back weekend getaway destinations. With Valentine’s Day just a few weeks away, women are getting excited — and guys are getting nervous. “Should I order flowers, or will they just wilt and die? Should I get her chocolate? She’s been on a diet. I can’t afford diamonds, so what can I do?” These are the worries and wonders of loving husbands and boyfriends everywhere. How can you ease your sweetheart’s mind and yet still have a Valentine’s Day you’ll both enjoy? Get away together. Tell him you’ll make the reservations, and...

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Political Players: It’s No Longer an All-Male Club, More Women Than Ever Are Running For Office

Not that long ago, the world of politics was an all-male club that only occasionally admitted a woman into its ranks. But that’s rapidly changing. With two women running for president this year, we decided to talk to a few women who have been in politics for a while, two as elected officials and one who plays an instrumental role as a fundraiser in her clients’ campaigns. Leticia Van De Putte Her name is familiar to all of us in San Antonio and beyond. A life-long Democrat, Leticia Van De Putte spent 25 years in the Texas Legislature, fighting...

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Profile: Margie O’Krent

A LOVE STORY BY JASMINA WELLINGHOFF PHOTOGRAPHY BY JESSICA GIESEY Margie O’Krent describes her life as a love story. She is referring to her husband, Sam O’Krent, whom she met in high school, married a few years later, and with whom she has weathered life’s joys and sorrows for the past 32 years. One current source of joy is that they are working together as co-owners of O’Krent’s Abbey Flooring Center, a company that evolved from earlier family businesses going back to Sam’s great-grandfather, who started his first business in 1915. Sam took over in 1990 and is now...

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