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Women in Banking

Diligence Protects the Dollar If there’s a defined path for women who desire a career in banking, it’s starting at an early age and working hard, at least according to the résumés of these five San Antonio women. Not that the teller window is where they all began.The very fact that their first paying jobs weren’t in banking at all is a testament to the truth that there’s no substitute for experience when it comes to landing a job and being successful. But these San Antonio bankers have something more than impeccable customer service skills, keen business acumen and...

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Boomers: Hospital Volunteers Fill Their Empty Nest With New Purpose

Her husband tells the story best: “She was calling me three or four times a day. ‘How are you, honey? How’s your day going? Can I do anything for you?’ She obviously needed someone to care for.” Robert Emmitt’s wife, Julie, was experiencing the feelings so many women have after driving the last child off to college. The silence of the empty nest was deafening. There is only one voice and it screams, “What do I do now?” At this time Emmitt was the senior pastor for Community Bible Church (CBC), and he encouraged her to get out of...

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Sustainable Gardening: Resolve to Grow Your Own Health Food

For those who resolve to eat healthier or eat clean, your own garden is a great place to begin, and you will need an understanding of the healthiest plants to grow in Texas. Most are familiar with the super food lists, but many cool-climate berries, protein-laden nuts or omega-rich fish just don’t thrive here. However, there are a lot of nutrient-dense vegetables we can grow right here in South Texas’ growing seasons, which are blissfully, if sometimes blisteringly, longer than other regions’ seasons. In fact, there are so many Texas veggies and greens easy to grow that to narrow...

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Artbeat: Betsy Dudley

Artist Betsy Dudley works out of what is probably the most inviting studio that I have ever seen, and I have seen many art studios. Though there is inevitably some clutter, there is also a sense of space and peace, with abundant natural light pouring in over everything, including her airy, elegant wood sculptures and tables covered with colorful fabrics. On this particular day, she is focused on her current tapestry work, preparing for an exhibit at Cappy’s Restaurant in a couple of weeks. Dudley’s designs are mostly drawn from memories and life experiences, she explains, as she guides...

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CityScene: Winter Treasures

Driving up and down Fredericksburg Road south of 410, you would never suspect that the neighborhoods flanking this urban artery are positively teeming with artists’ studios and a growing number of arts venues. But over the past 10 years the area has slowly grown into a significant arts destination, thanks largely to the efforts of the artists themselves and Kellen Kee McIntyre, the executive director of the Bihl Haus Arts gallery and arts center. Each February, Bihl Haus organizes a popular, multifaceted event called On and Off Fred Road Studio Tour that promotes the artists living and working in...

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