Month: January 2015

Debra Cesaro: Regional Director for Herman Miller

What do you do? I lead an expert sales team focused on helping companies develop their unique solutions for workplaces and help employees engage in their work environment. My region covers Central and South Texas from Waco to Brownsville and the state of Louisiana. San Antonio and Austin are the major Texas markets we support. Length of time at this job: Three years in this role at Herman Miller; before that I  was on the Herman Miller development team to create the Space Utilization Service,  an automated way to determine how assigned workspaces are actually used in order to...

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The Granary

  Where smoke and beer come into their own The Granary, once the home of Pearl’s cooper, or barrel maker, occupies one of the few structures of true historic interest at Pearl — not counting the signature brewery itself, soon to be reborn as a spiffy hotel. In summer, the respectfully restored cottage’s wide porches offer diners a shady outdoor option; in winter, eaters are enveloped in a cocoon of warm wood. And at all times, the aromas of meat transformed by smoke pervade the air. The Ratray brothers have also treated the setting with respect, adding on only...

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At Home: Monte Vista Georgian Goes Mod

The Fun Fresh Style of Contemporary Art and Furniture San Antonio has a number of historical neighborhoods, but none is quite like Monte Vista. Located about a mile and a half from downtown, it is recorded on the National Register of Historic Places. In one of these historic Georgian homes resides a family of East Coast transplants who adore this old house and historic neighborhood. “We love classical architecture,” the homeowner says. “Many of the old classically designed homes back East have been torn down. In Monte Vista, we’ve found the architecture we love in a neighborhood with a...

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Pairing Food and Wine

Two restaurants show us how it’s done. The tradition of serving wine with food dates back for centuries. In Europe, enjoying a fine vino with each meal is a part of everyday life. When the perfect food and wine come together, the experience can be magical and euphoric with an explosion of flavors. The basic guideline for wine and food pairing is simple: Match the color and body of the wine to the color and body of the food.  There are a number of restaurants in San Antonio where you will find such an experience. Two to look for...

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Mommy Matters: Discipline and your children’s friends

When and how do you do it? When it comes to raising our two boys, ages 12 and 10, my husband and I often joke that we are “making it up as we go along,” especially when it comes to rules. We have always had a few of what the boys refer to as “the biggies.”  These are the ones with absolutely no wiggle room, and they include things like honesty, politeness and kindness. It’s the more specific “minor” infractions where we tend to “wing it,”  adding and subtracting from the list as lifestyle dictates.  An unfortunate incident with...

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