Month: May 2013

Patsy Torres: A Strong Voice and A Stronger Faith

It’s mid-April but Patsy Torres’ house is still decorated for Christmas. Too many things have been happening since the holidays, she explains, including family illnesses, to worry about taking down all that stuff. Located on a quiet street in a northwestern suburb, the house itself is an oasis of peace overlooking the green landscape of the Hill Country. Torres and her husband, David Lucero, relocated to this hideaway in 2001 to escape from overzealous fans of the Tejano star who used to drive by her previous residences, stop to look and even leave messages in the mailbox. “Here, our...

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What about mom?

Aging brings with it changes in our health and/or mental capabilities. If you have an aging loved one, you can save your senior person and yourself a lot of stress and time by preparing now. Locate and organize important documents or at least place them in one specific place, and tell someone where to find them. Important documents include: Wills: Names executor, guardian for minor children and distribution of property. Living will: A directive to physicians as to which medical procedures you want taken if you are too ill to state your wishes. Power of attorney: Written authorization for...

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What’s New in Wellness

Breast cancer drugs urged for healthy high-risk women Should healthy women take drugs to lower their risk of breast cancer? In April, an influential panel of experts said the answer is yes, but only for certain women who are at increased risk because of breast cancer in the family or a personal history of breast lumps or other problems. Two drugs, tamoxifen and raloxifene, can lower the risk, and may be worth taking even though both can have serious adverse effects like blood clots and strokes, the experts said. The panel, the United States Preventive Services Task Force, recommended...

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Three Orders of Shellfish

Americans are looking out to sea for lighter fare, and shellfish win hands down as the most popular creatures of the sea. The shellfish family is a very large family indeed. It’s divided into three main classifications: crustaceans, mollusks, and cephalopods. Each has its cadre of enthusiasts. Shrimp, lobster and crab belong to the mostly aquatic crustacean branch of the family. We’re all familiar with their appearance — two pairs of antenna-like appendages in front of the mouth and a segmented shell, or carapace. These are by far the most sought-after kids in the family. The mollusk family, including...

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Cathy Cunningham: Challenging Viewers’ Perception

Arecent Luminaria exhibit at the Mexican Cultural Institute included a separate room for artist Cathy Cunningham’s glass and light sculptures, appropriately called Radiant Reflections. There were only three of them, but their brilliantly colored shapes sprawled across the walls in the darkened space like a visual feast. You couldn’t help being dazzled. Just right of the entrance, the multihued piece looked like a giant glowing insect, while the other two brought to mind bursting stars, shooting out gold, purple, green and red flames edged or speckled by still other shapes and hues. Cunningham creates this fire — that one...

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