Month: March 2010

Regaining Childhood: Lynda Alston

A black and white photograph of a young girl in a strapless full-skirted white dress, posed against a garden gazebo, hangs over Lynda Alston’s desk at ChildSafe. The viewer may think the young girl’s back is to the camera for artistic purposes, but it is primarily to conceal her identity. She is a victim of sexual abuse. “This is her quinceañera portrait, taken out by the therapy garden,” Alston remarks. “She wanted to take it on campus, and have it hung here, to show other children that you can get your childhood back, you can get your dreams back,...

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They Did It Their Own Way: Lisa and Roberta Morales

At a recent Songwriters Circle at Casbeers, petite singer/songwriter Lisa Morales unleashed such a powerful voice that musician Davin James was prompted to quip, She’s sure got a big voice for such a little girl. Everyone chuckled in agreement. She has the kind of smoky, expressive voice that commands attention not only because it’s strong and resonant but also because it’s a heartfelt sound that yearns to communicate with the listener. You instinctively listen. Lisa is one half of the Sisters Morales, a duo she formed with her sister, Roberta, in 1989. Though Roberta did not take part in...

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Minding the Generation Gap

The generation gap does not have to be crossed with a leap of faith. Mentoring is a way to build a bridge between seasoned employees and those just coming on board — a two-way crossover that strengthens communications, encourages knowledge and idea sharing and is built on the foundations of trust and mutual respect. Led By Example Lynn Weirich, co-founder of Business Financial Group (BFG) and past president and co-founder of the San Antonio chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners ® (NAWBO), uses a different method for mentoring, one that has proven successful in her 12...

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The Brave New World of Social Media

Are you on Facebook? Do you get a couple of invitations a week to join LinkedIn? Do you tweet or have a profile on MySpace? For millions of people the answer is “yes” to at least one of these questions. In addition, untold millions use e-mail, companies are developing interactive Web sites, and brand-new businesses are being founded to monitor and analyze the enormous information flowing through the new social media channels. While communication technology marches forward, most of us are trying to sort out how best to use the various Webbased innovations to either enhance our lives or...

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Fine Art & Passionate Living : Couple enjoy their home in the dominion

Vince and Pat Ranalli’s home on the golf course in The Dominion is a stucco single-story Tuscan house. An Italian inspired tile mural accents the elevation, while a large car park dominates the courtyard. Two serene stone lions stand sentinel at the entry of this apparently peaceful residence. Cross the threshold, and you’ll find the exterior totally belies the truth of the Ranalli existence. This is a passionate Italian household, where children are cherished, fabulous family dinners are the norm, and art and design are paramount. The Ranallis are former ballroom dancing champions, the youngest couple ever to win...

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