Month: May 2009

Her Own Bit Of Texas: Marjie Christopher

No cowboys are galloping around, but the 130-acre Rio Cibolo Ranch, just 25 minutes northeast of downtown, is a bucolic site where longhorns roam and huge pecans tower over the landscape that the owners describe as “a little bit of Texas and a whole lot of fun.” Granted, that’s a promotional slogan, but it fits in this case. On this particular Friday in March, the ranch looks like a peaceful oasis of honest-to-goodness Texas country, with only the chugging of a lawn mower disturbing the silence. Activity is limited to the industrial-size kitchen in the rustic main building where...

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Following in Dad’s Footsteps: Daughters prove to be worth business partners

The bond between a ather and his daughter cannot be denied. From the time she is born, Daddy’s little girl has him wrapped around her finger. As she grows, that bond grows stronger until beore he knows it, Daddy’s girl is a grown woman with a family of her own. If he’s lucky, they will remain close, seeing each other when time allows. If he’s blessed, she will work by his side day in and day out, ollowing in his giant ootsteps. The ollowing athers and daughters have mastered the art o balancing their personal relationships with their business...

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Events Don’t Just Happen: Planners make the preparation painless

The women featured here have event planning and venue management down to a science. They cannot only provide you with the place for your meeting, wedding or celebration, they can coordinate the décor, menu, flowers, music and more around a central theme for an event that not only meets but exceeds your wildest dreams. WENDY WILSON-WELSH CEO, OUTSIDE THE BOX “Making pigs fly” is the goal of Outside the Box CEO Wendy Wilson Welsh, who operates under the motto of “We make anything possible.” In fact, the company mascot is the “Notorious P.I.G.,” a large purple pig with chartreuse...

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A Global Outlook: Neeta Singh

NEETA SINGH Age: 35 Occupation: Associate professor of nutrition, University of the Incarnate Word. Background: Diplomat’s daughter who was educated in several countries on three continents, earning three advanced degrees. Personal: Single but open to cross-cultural dating; enjoys spending time with her sister, Tina, and family, who also live in San Antonio. Why she’s a Role Model: As a self-described “global citizen,” she finds opportunities to combine academic research with helping people in developing nations to find sustainable sources of good nutrition. Best advice ever given: “My sister tells me, “Try to enjoy the simple pleasures in life —...

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Elegance at Rockwall Ranch: Payne home blends Texana with big city sophistication

Leigh and Don Payne’s home in Rockwall Ranch in New Braunfels is an ode to Texas elegance. The Tuscan exterior is a mixture of stucco and limestone, leading a visitor to expect a Mediterranean interior. But beyond the heavy wrought iron double doors lies a home decorated in an unusual combination of Texas ranch and big city plush. The home reflects the couple’s identification with a variety of cultures encountered in travels during their marriage. Originally from Fort Worth, they moved to Wisconsin for a time to be with their children. “The winters were so bad we had to...

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