Month: March 2009

Service Plus Caring: CEO Pamela Bain

Plaques and awards are not an unusual sight in executive suites, but Pamela Bain has a very special one in her office: an unobtrusive little trophy designating her business as one of the Best Places to Work in San Antonio in 2008. Given by the San Antonio Business Journal, the recognition is based on anonymous employee surveys from more than 200 area companies. The fact that people you employ actually enjoy their workplace is the best tribute an employer can get. It usually translates into better output and higher quality work. “We have not yet made it to No....

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Living the American Dream: Four women from abroad who have built successful businesses

Freedom, opportunity, prosperity. These are just a few of the ideals that draw people from other countries to the United States. Here they hope to achieve not just success, but respect, free of the encumbrances of cultural restrictions that often dictate foreign operations. For women the prospect is especially attractive because the traditional “glass ceiling” once found in the United States, although not completely shattered, has certainly suffered a few significant cracks. The following women may have come to the United States from vastly different cultures and under varied circumstances, but they have one thing in common: They all...

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Cook’s Whites Better Than Latest Fashions: Cynthia Rodriguez

CYNTHIA RODRIGUEZ Age: 32 Occupation: Teaching assistant, Culinary Institute of America (CIA), San Antonio. Personal: Shares her life with daughter, Carissa, age 12, and their Chihuahua, Carmelo. Why she’s a Role Model: After more than a decade of ups and downs in the food industry, she tightened an already tough schedule to go back to school at the Culinary Institute of America’s then brand-new San Antonio campus, where her work was recognized with a job offer before graduation. Goals: Finish school at the Culinary Institute in Hyde Park, N.Y., travel, write a cookbook inspired by international street food, “live...

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Here Comes The Bride: The verse may change, but the chorus is the same

From the time she is old enough to fashion a veil out of tissue paper and walk down a pretend aisle, a girl has big dreams about her wedding day. As an adult, those dreams don’t change, regardless of whether she is 20 or 50 — they just may take on a different form. But whether the event is in a church in front of hundreds of people or an intimate gathering in a restaurant courtyard, one thing remains the same — it is still the stuff dreams are made of. A Family Affair Michelle Gaffney – Age 21...

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Self-taught Artist Follows her Own Muse

As a child in Cleveland, Mary Frances Robinson used to visit the Cleveland Art Museum to admire the works of famous artists from the past. She liked to draw and paint herself and often wondered whether she could ever produce anything like the old masters’ canvases. Decades later, the answer is clear. No, she can’t paint like those august luminaries. What she can do, however, is paint in her own vivid style, which is usually referred to as “primitive” or “naïve.” In that, she is continuing the tradition of generations of self-taught artists who follow their own muse, usually...

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