Month: March 2008

Future Tense: Linda Hardberger

Linda Hardberger has her sights set on a watery horizon. “In a year and a half, we’ll be back on that boat,” she says with firm determination. She is referring to the 42-foot craft on which she and her husband, Phil Hardberger, spent more than a year sailing the waters off the East Coast, the St. Lawrence Seaway and the Great Lakes, back in 2003 and 2004. It was supposed to be the start of retirement for the couple. But, as most people in San Antonio know by now, he was urged by many local leaders to run for...

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Women Play Golf, Too

Though Mary, Queen of Scots, played the game in the 1500s, golf eventually became known as a gentleman’s sport, especially in the United States. But women have never been entirely excluded, and today they are the fastest-growing segment of the industry’s market. Whether they aspire to win trophies or just play for fun and recreation, the ladies are making their mark on the San Antonio golf scene. THE PIONEER Back in the days when Brenda Goldsmith Hocott fell in love with golf, there were few female golf teams in the United States, and the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA)...

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In the Business of Old

How many careers offer an opportunity to continually learn, shop till you drop, travel the world, gab with good friends and enrich the homes and lives of others? A number of antiques dealers in San Antonio have found their bliss in this business. Their passion has infected their spouses, children and friends with their fever for the old. Perhaps their stories will stoke the flames for the forgotten in you. SUZAN MENDLOVITZ FAN-TASTIC FINDS AT OLMOS PARK ANTIQUES AND ART 4119 MCCULLOUGH Growing up in Washington, D.C., Suzan Mendlovitz was surrounded by antiques. “But I never thought in a...

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Sisterly Voices The all-female ensemble Voci di Sorelle

Enthralled audience members often resort to other-worldly references to describe a concert by Voci di Sorelle, a 12- member all-female ensemble of vocalists who specialize in a cappella singing. Phrases like “I felt like angels were singing,” or “I felt like I wasn’t on earth anymore,” are not uncommon. As I listened to them on a cold winter evening at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church recently, I could see why people were inclined to reach for transcendental comparisons. It was only a rehearsal for their April 13 concert, and they were just beginning to learn new material, but there was...

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Heaven On 11 Acres

The hills of Cordillera Ranch are the site of many beautiful homes, which come in all shapes and styles, from ranch to Tudor. Tucked away on a quiet cul-de-sac, quite distant from the community’s gatehouse, is a house that looks as though it was plucked out of the Santa Fe hills and carefully tucked in on a grassy slope that ends up in a dry wash. The home’s faux adobe walls surround a courtyard accessed by an old timber gate. The courtyard is a delightful surprise, full of flowering plants, grassy patches and the sound of water trickling from...

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