Month: May 2007

Chairman Jones: Elizabeth Aimes Jones

On the wall of Elizabeth Ames Jones’ office in Austin is a huge geological map of our state showing what’s normally hidden from view — the underground terrain. Jones, who is the chair of the Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) seems to derive genuine pleasure from looking at it. “This is our world here at the commission. We take care of what’s underground,” she says, before inviting her visitor to take a seat in front of a wall-to-wall window overlooking the Texas Capitol. The world she is referring to encompasses much of Texas energy resources and production. Though it...

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Single, Not Solitary: Unmarried women gain confidence, power and influence

Single women have been in the spotlight lately. From the announcement that unmarried women now outnumber their married counterparts in the United States to statistics that present unmarried women as the latest economic and political force, one thing seems clear: Being single isn’t what it used to be. A few decades back, unmarried women were branded as spinsters at 30 and were assumed to be sad, unfortunate and characteristically bitter about their solitary status. Social opportunities, even with other unmarried women, were rare, so it was often a lonely existence. In a time when women were expected to find...

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Selling San Antonio: Residential real estate offers challenges and rewards

The San Antonio residential real estate market is a hot commodity. As residential property sales around the nation continue to fluctuate, San Antonio homes are consistently being bought and sold. Real estate impacts every aspect of a community. Anytime you want to know how well a city is doing, take a look at what is happening with local real estate, and you’ll know in a matter of minutes. For realtors to be successful in any community, they have to keep up with new growth, trends and market prices while possessing excellent people skills. Fortunately, the market in San Antonio...

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With Heart In Tune: Music is Kristin Roach’s passion

These days, Kristin Roach’s main professional space is a stone chapel at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, where she’s assistant organist and assistant music director. While the downtown church rebuilds its 1927 parish house, the chapel doubles as rehearsal hall, robing room and place to keep all things choir-related. Roach also has an office in a nearby building, but she’s most at home anywhere where there’s a piano. The improvisational nature of the space — a rack of robes stands near the door, seats for the singers are scattered around — isn’t likely to bother her. For 15 years, until...

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A House That Echoes With Stories

The owners of a magnificent Atlee B. Ayres-designed home in a near-urban San Antonio neighborhood have many a story to tell about their circa 1937 Mediterranean-style residence. Perhaps one of the most charming anecdotes is shared by the lady of the house, who relates that her husband grew up in the locale and, as a youngster, regularly rode his bike past their future home. He deemed it his very favorite house in the area. Ayres, designated the state architect of Texas in 1915, was commissioned by an Oklahoma oilman to build the house. He was relocating his family to...

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