Month: November 2006

Living Life Out Loud: Suzanne Cheever Goudge

Like her father, Suzanne Cheever Goudge never assumed she would work for her father out of college. With her bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of Texas in hand, she applied at various accounting firms, but elected to stick with her first love, the family banking business. San Antonians know the locally owned and operated business as Broadway Bank. “At that time (1976), women were just on the verge of getting into business,” says Goudge. “I’m not sure I would have liked being the first woman accountant to work at a large firm. I definitely think my career...

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Following Their Hearts: Meet three women who excel in nontraditional

Not so long ago, women had few career choices. As little girls, most women knew they would grow up to be teachers, nurses, secretaries or housewives. But thanks to the many women who have courageously transcended career barriers over the past 90 years, the gender boundaries for jobs have slowly dissolved. Some women have even pursued nontraditional occupations, encouraging us all to follow our dreams. Such is the case of the three women profiled here. Each of these 40-something women has an unusual career that began when she followed her heart. Restoring the past San Antonio native Anne Zanikos...

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Making an Impression : Women dentists build beautiful smiles

A smile is one of the first things humans notice about each other. In fact, research shows that an attractive smile is key to personal and professional success. A nice smile includes a mouthful of healthy teeth. Enter the dentist. As with so many other professions, women changed the face of dentistry in the late 20th century. Today, about half of all dentists are women, a figure that parallels women’s presence in other medical fields. Like medical doctors, would-be dentists have a lengthy education ahead of them — eight years post-high school, on average. Dental school requires four years...

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Two for the Zoo: Twin sisters share a passion for animal conservation

There’s one sister question Demitra and Samanthe Peterson don’t have to ponder: Which one’s the pretty one and which one’s the smart one? They’re identical twins, age 27, both slender and naturally elegant, with classical features that seem to derive from their part-Greek heritage. Both earned 3.9-plus grade-point averages and graduated summa cum laude from Trinity University in 2001, where they often took the same courses. “We wouldn’t sit together,” says Demi. “We wanted to make it easy to tell us apart.” Though the sisters have never dressed alike, they are similar in enough ways to confuse nearly everyone....

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Splendor in the Glass: Designer/glassblower Gini Garcia

Gini Garcia and her crew like to play with fire. In fact, that’s how they make their living. Every day from 5 a.m. to 2 p.m., they can be found in Garcia’s glassblowing studio on South Alamo, where three furnaces glow orange, and the heat is nearly unbearable despite the ventilation. On this particular day, they are making an orange-and-blue cylindrical vase. Wielding a hollow blow pipe, master glassblower Gerardo Mu96oz repeatedly gathers molten glass out of the largest furnace, rolls it over a special surface to slightly cool the “skin” of the emerging object, and then shapes it...

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