Month: September 2006

A Woman of Many Talents: Kathy Sosa

Artists and former advertising executives Lionel and Kathy Sosa might have invented a new concept. The house they renovated downtown at 126 Lavaca St. is a little gem, where art, living quarters and a business showroom coexist in perfect functional and aesthetic harmony. To be sure, people have often run businesses out of their homes, and artists have sometimes slept in their studios, but in the Sosas’ new place, you don’t know where one function stops and the other begins. Even the bedroom serves all three purposes, showcasing Kathy Sosa’s interior design and the Sosas’ paintings while also being...

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Playing Hard, Having Fun

It’s hard not to notice professional athletes, with their penchant for high-profile lifestyles and ability to make more money in one year than most of us will acquire in a lifetime. There’s no doubt they work hard to get where they are. But for every successful pro athlete, there are thousands of young people with big dreams of their own and, all too often, a humble starting point. For the past 22 years, the San Antonio Sports Foundation has supported local young athletes. It’s the machine behind the many national youth and collegiate sporting events that draw players and...

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Above & Beyond: Amy Cardwell

There are no mean girls in this gymnastics class, no queen bees or wannabes. Most are around 9 years old, wearing blue velveteen leotards. As the six girls work through stretching exercises to prepare them for floor routines, they encourage each other. “Good job!” says a French-braided blonde to a girl with long, wavy chestnut hair, who has just accomplished a cartwheel ending in the classic, arms-up gymnastics salute. “Thank you,” says her friend, flashing a smile. “You were good, too.” Their teacher, Amy Cardwell, sets the example. “Thank you for trying,” she says later, as one of the...

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Brick & Mortar: Women are building solid careers in commercial real estate

One sure barometer of economic health is real estate. The chain works something like this: Homes get built, and commercial enterprises come in to serve the population. Jobs are created, money changes hands, and the city thrives from the business and sales tax pipeline. If commercial real estate — office buildings and shopping centers — seem to be popping up all over San Antonio, it’s not an illusion. Generally speaking, commercial real estate is growing at an unprecedented rate, making it an economic mover and shaker for all the players. The industry is competitive and diverse, including jobs in...

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Art Can Inspire

In a sunny summer day in July, painting instructor Jules LeMelle is setting up easels on the front porch of the Inspire Fine Art Center. The class he is about to teach to a group of youngsters between the ages of 10 and 13 is called Paint Like the Masters, but the children are not actually expected to emulate Renoir or Jackson Pollock, says LeMelle. During two weeks of classes, he will lead the students to experience and understand the masters” styles while they produce their own artistic creations. Equally split between boys and girls, the children are clearly...

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