Month: March 2006

Turning Obstacles into Opportunities: Immigrant developed confidence and built a thriving business

Ana Maria Lecea, founder, presi-dent and CEO of Professional Performance Development Group, believes overcoming obstacles and turning them into opportunities is the world’s best confidence builder. And she is a very confident woman. “Women have had to overcome tremendous obstacles on our journey to economic self-determination. Some of us faced them early in our childhood, others in adolescence and yet others as adults,” she says. Lecea managed to touch all three of the aforementioned bases before finally building a company into a $11.3 million-a-year business with 475 employees providing medical, information technology and research services to the federal government...

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Suddenly Single: How three San Antonio women rebuilt their lives after finding themselves unexpectedly single again

Most people get married hoping for a long and happy life together, but, sadly, it doesn’t always work that way. An accident, illness or divorce may bring a marriage to an abrupt end, leaving people bewildered and struggling to regain their stride. Some deal with it better than others. But all must forge ahead as best they can. Below are the inspirational stories of three women who did just that, not without pain, but with courage and perseverance. The call that changed her life It was 4 p.m. on a Wednesday in May 1995 when the phone rang in...

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Spring Relaunch Repackaging and Reinventing Yourself

We are in an era of extreme makeovers in all things physical — our homes, our faces, our teeth, our bodies —almost anything that gets in our line of sight. And from all indicators, the majority of us are absolutely enthralled. In a world of quick fixes, we are intent on taking the shortest route from Point A to Point B and turbo-charging the journey. The concept of reinventing ourselves is not only magical, it’s achievable — with some time, cash and a great team of professionals. For those not quite ready to make the leap of faith into...

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A Legacy of Song: Both singing, teaching enthrall soprano Linda Poetschke

In March 2002, the Express-News music critic Mike Greenberg began one of his many reviews of Linda Poetschke’s performances with these words: “For one hour each year, complete happiness is attainable on earth. That is the hour of soprano Linda Poetschke’s annual recital, the latest edition of which held the audience spellbound Monday in the Recital Hall of the University of Texas at San Antonio.” Can there be higher praise for a singer than to be the source of “complete happiness” when she is performing? And that review is not an isolated case. Whenever she is on stage, Poetschke,...

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An Exotic Blend: Home shows influences of Europe and the East

Fred and Jade Bettah bring to their sprawling, multilevel Alamo Heights home the unique blend of two cultures. Jade is originally from Portugal, and Fred is Lebanese though he came to San Antonio most recently from El Paso. Jade arrived in the United States following the marriage of an aunt to an American military gentleman. “She missed her family and wanted as much of the family to come here as possible, so we came,” smiles Jade. Her parents and the majority of her fatherimmediate family made the sojourn and transition. Her maternal grandparents and all others in her mother’s...

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