Month: July 2004

At the Wheel of a Family Legacy: Elizabeth Gillespie

Growing up, Elizabeth Tobin Gillespie, president of the largest Ford dealership in Texas owned by a woman, didn’t envision a Ford as her future. “I assumed I’d grow up, get married, join the Junior League and have babies. Women back then didn’t really work outside the home. That’s what they did: they went to school, got married and had children,” she says. “Actually I was in college when I decided I wanted a career in business.” To her, business meant the Gillespie Ford dealership that her grandfather, Frank M. Gillespie, established in 1925. Coincidentally, the fledging dealership was located...

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Serving Their Country: Military women assume a variety of roles

Women may still be a small minority in the military, but their numbers and responsibilities are growing. They are routinely deployed overseas, including hot spots such as Iraq and Afghanistan. With the nation’s attention riveted on the precarious situation in Iraq, we asked five military women to share their stories with us. Each had her reasons for joining, and each has a different role to play in the huge military family, but all five are women of courage who are serving their country to the best of their abilities. The Doctor One of the first things Major Sheri DeMartelaere...

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Not Just For Men: Women get revved by challenge of car sales

Although men currently make up over 90 percent of the car sales consultants nationwide, increasing numbers of women are entering this lucrative career field. It’s a natural fit: women buy about two-thirds of the vehicles in the United States and influence 80 percent of all sales. This gives women in automotive sales a real advantage. It’s a fact that hasn’t been lost on the handful of women in San Antonio who have found satisfaction, control over compensation and a measure of flexibility that few other jobs offer. Kathleen Banse, sales consultant at Ken Batchelor Cadillac – Saab – Hummer,...

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Experience Preferred: Council aide put off law school for real-world education in “policy, process, and politics”

Stephanie Bocanegra looks comfortable in the sunny, award-studded office of City Councilman Enrique Barrera, who has loaned the space to his aide for an afternoon appointment. In the female politician’s uniform of sleek black pantsuit brightened with a slice of citrus-green top, Bocanegra is a visibly good fit for City Hall, with its large cast of attractive young people with ambitions in government. As a member of the District 6 council member’s staff, she represents him at meetings, contributes to a newsletter, produces a television show (District 6 Horizons with Councilman Enrique M. Barrera) and takes calls from constituents...

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Nothing Askew: Talented students make art for the neighborhood

Every day after school, a group of Jefferson High students make their way to the Askew Design Studio to resume working on their art projects. They come because they love it, they say, not because they have to. On this particular afternoon in late May, about 10 of them are busy with their artwork, designing mosaic table tops, making tile, putting in grout, etc. Sixteen-year-old Fernando Gomez has just put the finishing touches on a pretty green-and-cream table top commissioned by prominent San Antonian Edith McAllister for her beach house in Port Aransas. Nearby, Gilbert Martinez, 15, is working...

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